Starter Lessons

SUP Starters Starter Lessons £40

90mins The perfect way to start your SUP hobby. Covering all the basics from safety to paddling technique, the aim is to be standing by the end of your first lesson and feel just what its like to SUP!

SUP Wise

SUP Wise Learn to SUP Course TBC

SUP Wise is a learn to stand up paddle program created by ASI. It has been designed to make learning easy. Its unique modularised program allows you to progress at your own pace to maximise your success. Each level identifies different SUP skills and knowledge, based on the location and techniques. SUP Wise has learn to SUP manuals and student workbooks, suitable for individuals or school groups. Certificates can be issued on successful completion of the program Learning outcomes align to the Australian Education Department VET standards, making it ideal for school sports programs. SUP Wise is delivered by ASI Accredited SUP schools. Now learning to SUP is easy.

2hr Tours

2hr Tour Tour the Bays or Coasts £50

2 hour tours are for experienced paddlers, we'll set off after a brief recap of safety and skills and cover a greater distance than in the starter sup sessions. These sessions are geared towards paddlers who want to get out and go for a paddle rather than requiring tuition.

SUP Board Hire

SUP Hire Supervised £25 / 90mins

On really nice day's SUP Arran will set up at a beach location where you can come along, hire a sup, and have a go. You will get a safety brief and a "how-to". You must stay within the designated SUP area. The SUP Arran Instructor will be watching at all times and on hand to offer advice/help if needed. Unsupervised SUP hire is not possible.

Social SUP

For the Regulars £15

No set time limit, an organised, but relaxed social paddle session. You need to have completed a beginners SUP lesson here or elsewhere and be confident in exposed waters.

SUP History – What is it?!

“Standup paddleboarding (SUP), the act of propelling oneself on a floating platform with the help of a paddle or pole, traces back to thousands of years ago and across many continents, but its current form and popularity originated in Hawaii in the 1900s. Records of earlier forms of SUP have been found as early as 1,000 B.C. (i.e. 3,000 years ago) and its iterations span over various regions such as Peru, Israel, Italy, China, and beyond. By contrast, the modern form of stand up paddle boarding, where a surfboard-like vessel is used, has a much clearer heritage, dating back to the 1900s and emerging from a collection of loosely related activities by a few very specific characters, such as Duke Kahanamoku and Dave Kalama. Once it reached California in the early 2000s, stand up paddling formed four epicenters, each with its own fountainhead: Rick Thomas (San Diego), Ron House (Dana Point/San Clemente), Laird Hamilton (Malibu) and Bob Pearson (Santa Cruz). From there, the sport gained exponential popularity and California served as the catalyst for worldwide adoption. By 2005, SUP, which had till then been almost entirely a surfing discipline, began to diversify into racing, touring, rivers, yoga, and fishing. Its surfing heritage coupled with its various disciplines made the sport attractive and accessible to everyone all over the world, paving the way for its global growth and enthusiastic adoption.” -From Wiki: